500ml reusable infusion pressure bag with pressure meter (white) mesh surface

500ml reusable infusion pressure bag with pressure meter (white) mesh surface

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Product Description

Scope of application:

It is widely used in emergency blood transfusion, fluid infusion and various invasive arterial pressure monitoring in various clinical departments such as emergency department and operating room. To


The liquid part is made of mesh material, which is easy to observe the remaining liquid
Equipped with pressure gauge display to flexibly grasp the required pressure value
Clean: Maintain a clean patient monitoring environment.

Saving: It can be cleaned completely without discarding.

Convenience: The special hook makes it unnecessary to remove the infusion stand when changing the infusion bag

Continuous liquid flow: It is convenient for effective liquid management.


Product Usage:

It is especially suitable for emergency infusion and blood transfusion of patients in clinical departments such as emergency, critical illness and anesthesia.

Product Features:

Using the air bag pressure of the product itself, the blood and medicine (soft packaging) in the bag are squeezed into the patient's blood vessel to achieve rapid response and rapid infusion.


Because there is no need to directly touch the human body, please do not use high temperature and high pressure disinfection
This product is a reusable product (in order to avoid cross-infection, it is recommended to be used by a single patient). Keep a distance from sharp objects when using it to prevent airbag damage

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